LED Lighting tests

I've been at my studio today testing the LED strip that was sent to me from Collingwood Lighting. I attended a one-day LED course at Collingwood recently and met some really nice people from their technical and design departments. They have sent me some stuff to look at. They've sent me two small reels of LED strip - one in a cool, white light and the other in a warm, slightly yellow light. They have also wired the LEDs to little mains power units so that I can just 'plug and play'. This image shows two sheets of porcelain (in HF) just quite clumsily overlayed on top of the two LED strips. I have doubled the strip into two runs underneath the porcelain. I will measure the distance apart but it's roughly about 40mm I think. I also need to carefully measure the distance the porcelain is sitting from the strip. There is an optimum distance where the small LEDs are not individually distinguishable whilst attaining a strong illumination. I'm pleased with how they look.

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