Film work for Three Floating Forms, Light Night Leeds, 2013 

This is one of three films made for a site-specific installation entitled, Three Floating Forms.  The work, which was made for Light Night Leeds 2013, was located within the redundant St John the Evangelist's Church in the centre of the city.  The piece, which combined film, sculpture and projection was derived from painted images of angels depicted on the church's ceiling, which 'looked down on the worshippers below'.  This particular film, which features a circus aerialist performing with silks, centres on the notion of the man-made reacting to movement of the living. The performer has been removed leaving only her movement visible, translated into a form of ‘dance’ of the ‘material’.

Special thanks to Samara Casewell and Laura Cork and Greentop Community Circus Centre  

Film recorded at Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, 2010

This film was shot at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford in 2010.  It is a record of an unplanned, chance encounter of people working on stage, in the main auditorium.  At the time, lanterns were being arranged onto lighting bars by the theatre’s engineers in preparation for a show.  The bars were lowered close to the stage.  As I watched, my attention was drawn to the slow, at times almost imperceptible, movement from side to side of the lighting bars caused by the unseen actions of the engineers.  Lamp plugs are dragged across the stage so slowly that at times the moving image seems to be indistinguishable from a state of stillness.  The notion of what is ‘still’ and what is ‘moving’, and how closely related these two states are, continues to inform my work.  

Special thanks to Alhambra Theatre, Bradford