Film work for Three Floating Forms, Light Night Leeds, 2013 

This is one of three films made for a site-specific installation entitled, Three Floating Forms.  The work, which combines film, performance and sculpture, was located within the redundant St John the Evangelist's Church in the centre of the city of Leeds, and was shown at Light Night Leeds Festival, 2013.  I am concerned with cinema and how I experience it and have located my practice here.  Watching film at the cinema is an intensely physical experience for me to the extent where I sometimes sense that I can ‘feel’ and ‘touch’ the world on screen.  Three Floating Forms was my response to the beautiful, atmospheric surroundings of the church set within this cinematic framework.  The films that formed part of the work were generated from the enormity of the church’s interiors and in particular it’s impressive ceiling height.  This film features a circus aerialist performing a flying routine with aerial silks.  What really moves me about this routine and how I filmed it is the way in which the silk cloth reacts to the movement of the unseen body above.  The performer is gone leaving only her movement visible, translated into a kind of ‘dance’ of the material.

With thanks to aerialists Samara Casewell and Laura Cork and Greentop Community Circus Centre in Sheffield.